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Low Dose Ionising Body Cavity Scanner

The Body Orifice Screening System  is designed for modern security inspection of body cavities (human orifices) through its innovative technology design.

The Body Orifice screening system minimizes the need for unpleasant intrusive manual searches and increases the safety of prison officers and inmates or other security professionals. Because the measurement method is non-intrusive, it eliminates the liability and safety issues associated with manual searches. It also saves the time and expense involved in low-dose X-raying a person suspected of concealing contraband metal in an external medical location causing unnecessary expense and disruption to local operations.

The Unit utilises visual and audible alarms to alert the operator to the area of the body cavity that contains concealed objects. The person sits down on the Body Orifice screening system chair and the system uses a regulated low ionising emission to view the body cavities in the orifices area. This immediately and accurately informs the security operator that the suspect has a concealed threat or contraband items in the body. The advantage is that is can show non-metallic items such as Narcotics, hazardous materials, ceramics, plastics and sim cards. It can also identify metallic items such as razor blades or other metal contraband items.


  • Remote 30' LED Monitor Viewer
  • Network Ready
  • Back-Up Battery
  • Low Dose ionising
  • BIO-Coating
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Threat Detection - Biological
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