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Software Options

Eurologix has the 'Best in Class' software imaging in the industry and have become an exemplar in our software design.  Eurologix is the only security X-ray manufacturer that has cybersafe defensive software built-in to all our software designs to ensure we have the highest level of cyber protection & encryption.

Eurologix has the following software for all X-ray Machines;

  • T.I.P - Threat Image Projection

  • Explosive & Narcotic Detection

  • Image Archive

  • 3D Software

  • 4k High Definition Asset Protection Imaging / Shoe Imaging

  • Remote Imaging App (Encrypted)

  • Threat Trainer software

  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms - Detection

  • 4K High Definition Imaging

  • 3 & 6 Colour Set

  • Cybersafe Defensive Software

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